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This October we’ll be reading a novel! any suggestions??




hey everyone!

We’re back after the long amazing summer!

Did you do anything exciting?! Tell me about it in the comments! 🙂

We’re starting the fall off right with a new book for the book club! what would you like to read this October? vote here  write in the comments any books you’d like to read! I’m thinking maybe a spooky theme to get into the Halloween spirit! ^_^

~ Kelsey

A Review: Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy

This book was chosen by my book club for the month of May. It was an interesting read.

We only read the first one. Because otherwise that would have been quite a lot as there are 5 books. They all flow with one another, I read most of the second one. I’m interested in continuing with the story. Because of the way the book flows it feels like one continuous to get the whole picture you need to finish all 5.

While interesting the book kind of jumps all over the place.I found it difficult to follow as it moves pretty quickly.

HOWEVER, having said that; it’s definitely worth a read. The dialog is very funny, i laughed so hard at many of the different points in the novel. My favourite character has to be Marvin the sad robot (who is played by the brilliant Alan Rickman in the movie).

A lot of my friends really love this book, it has really resonated with them. They strongly encouraged me to read it.

If you love comedy sci-fi this book may be the one for you!

I know this review is not as detailed as I would normally do, but i feel that there is just so much to this book it’s better if you check it out for yourself!

~ Kelsey

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I’m Comitted

What am I committing to? Writing.

love writing. That’s why I started this blog in the first place. I want to share my stories and creativity with others.

Then why have you left your blog to die?

I wasn’t committed. It was merely a hobby to pass the time, or maybe help someone who’s passing by. I wasn’t ready to deal with the writers block, or the potential failure. But now, I think I am. I’m not writing for others anymore. I’m writing for me. i’m going to write about what I want, not what I think other people want to read about.

This is me getting re-committed.

I will write at least every other day. Whether it is for this blog, my D&D campaign, a short story, or my novel that i’ve been working on since high school. I will write.

I will write whether it is hand written or typed.

I will write through my fears and insecurities.

I will write past my writers block

I will write… And so should you!


Personal Update: Felix the cat!

Sorry for the longer than normal absence. I’ve been so busy with work and I’ve been too tired to do any writing. But I have been reading! So I should have a book review up soon.

Tuesday April 17th Jake and I adopted a Cat from the humane society. His name at the shelter was Monopoly but we changed it to Felix. Well… technically we’re fostering him until May 4th when he gets his lost shot. But after that he’ll be our baby for real!

When I originally brought up getting a pet with Jake he wasn’t into it. I originally wanted a corgi because I’m obsessed and they’re the cutest dog in the world… But on the Friday before we went to the humane society (April 13) he told me that he would be comfortable with a cat.

So me, being the impatient person that I am, went out on the Saturday and bought a cat tree, litter box, toys, etc. Then I had to wait until Monday to go to the shelter because they’re closed on the weekends.

Let me tell you… I need to work on my patience skills.

So Monday (April 15) we go to the shelter. We saw so many adorable kitties. I could not for the life of me decide which one I wanted to bring home. Jake has always wanted a black and white cat. So when he saw Felix he picked him up.

Felix cuddled right into him. He was giving Jake headbutts and nuzzling in his neck. It was adorable.

I was just kind of standing next to them, petting Felix when Felix reached out to me like a baby. It was the cutest thing. I thought I was going to cry.

So I held him and gave him lots of pets. And I told Jake “I think this is our cat”.

We filled out the application form.

And I had to wait.

As I said earlier. I’m not good at waiting. When I got home I was so anxious I called the humane society to make sure that they weren’t going to adopt out my cat before they processed my application. They reassured me and told me that they would call between 2-3 business days.

That was a long 24 hours let me tell you.

But they called the next day. Which is good because I was going to call them again if not. We immediately got ready and went to go get him.

(Felix on his first day home!)

He’s the sweetest cat ever. On his first day home he was already so cuddly and loving. And so far he hasn’t scratched any of the furniture.

He follows me around the house and I just can’t get over it. However, it’s sad when I have to close my bedroom door to go to sleep because he looks so sad. Felix also headbutts me when we’re cuddling it’s adorable.

Felix is eating and drinking well! I was worried when we first got him because I know that a change of environment can stress cats out. But he’s doing perfectly fine! I’m just so happy and my heart is full.

We ordered him a cat loot box and it had a lot of good stuff in it! Some of the money from the loot box goes to charity! So if you have a cat baby you should definitely check it out here. I may make a separate post about what came in the box!

On Thursday last week we had to take him in to get looked at because Felix had some eye goo. They told me that Felix must have a strong immune system because normally cats get the kitty cold (that’s what they call it) when they first go into the shelter and he had been in there for at least a month without getting it. We got some medicine for him and it’s starting to clear up!

(I love him so much 💗)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! I’ll be sure to post more Felix updates! ❤



Confidence is not always easy. Even the most confident people have insecurities. I’m sure even the most confident celebrities are insecure in some way or another.

I don’t know if I come across as confident, but I’m riddled with insecurities and anxiety. This has affected my life in several ways.

The main effect that I see, is that I question everything.

If someone tells me that they like me, or that I’m pretty. I will doubt that they can think these things of me because there are times where I don’t see it. I’ve gotten a lot better over the years however, I still catch myself thinking this way.

I catch myself wondering if my boyfriend still likes me. Just the other night I straight up asked him “do you still like me?” I’m sure the question comes off as ridiculous. He has done nothing to show me that I should think this way. He is kind, thoughtful, and very patient with me and my struggle with anxiety.

Confidence comes from within. To build confidence you need to be happy with yourself.

Last week I learned how to contour my face. When I did it for the first time I felt so confident. I felt that I could take over the world. I looked majestic (in my humble opinion)! But, when the make-up comes off it’s still me underneath. With my bad skin, and stubby eyelashes.

So, I decided to do something about it! First, I started using a cleanser for my face. My redness went down and I noticed a considerable difference in only 2 applications!

Second, I decided to get eyelash extensions. I have always been insecure of my short and stubby lashes. I can barely see them, even with mascara on! Now my lashes look incredible! I feel so much more confident even without any makeup on! I feel like a goddess!

Confidence can change your whole attitude about life, and the way you react to it!

How to Build Confidence:

  1. Take care of yourself. It’s amazing how taking a shower or getting dressed up can make you feel! I always feel 100% better when I’m wearing a cute shirt or a dress I’m in love with.
  2. Think positively! This may seem obvious, but a lot of people struggle with this (myself included!). Replace a negative thought with a positive one. You can see a post I wrote more in detail about this here.
  3. Positive self-talk. Talk to yourself like you’re your best friend. You wouldn’t tell your best friend that they’re ugly and can’t do anything right, would you? This little thing can go a long way in your overall mental health as well!
  4. Stop Procrastinating! Do the thing that you’ve been procrastinating on. When you complete it, you’ll feel very good about yourself!
  5. Help someone else. Helping someone else doesn’t necessarily mean buying something for someone else. It can merely be lending an ear, or a shoulder to cry on. Teach someone something that you know how to do! At the end of the day you’ll feel good about yourself.
  6. Learn to say no. Not letting people walk all over you will build your confidence. Set boundaries that you are comfortable with, and if you’re not comfortable you need to say no! You’ll feel so proud of yourself! This took me a long time to learn. I was burning myself out at work by taking shifts I shouldn’t have taken. Learning to say no was the best for not only my confidence, but also my mental health.
  7. See yourself as an equal! When you have low self-confidence, you see everyone around you as being better than you. This is not the case! I know I am guilty of this, this is something I’m still working on. Try and see your peers as equal to you. It will change your outlook on life, and boost your confidence.
  8. Set smaller goals. Larger goals can seem overwhelming to complete. Try making smaller goals such as, I will drink one more glass of water a day than usual. Once you complete that goal for one week, or one month you will feel very accomplished and you can move onto something a little harder!
  9. Admit your mistakes. THIS is something that used to apply to me. I remember many times that I would blame someone else for decisions I made. Now I can proudly say I’m the first one to admit to the mistakes that I made. It’s made me feel a lot better about myself, and it helps my peers to respect me.
  10. Accepting compliments. I struggle with this. But fight yourself! If someone tells you thank you look beautiful or handsome accept that complement! Just saying “Thank you!” or “heck yeah I am!” can make you feel very good about yourself!

 Do you have any tips for building self-confidence? Share them in the comments! 



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Review: Alias Grace ~ Margret Atwood

*Spoilers ahead!*

Alias Grace is a captivating novel about a woman named Grace Marks who wasaccused of killing her employer Mr. Kinnear and his head housekeeper/ mistress Nancy in1843. The novel is based on a true story however Margret Atwood states that it is a work of fiction.

The novel begins with her in prison she has already been tried and found guilty of being an accomplice, James McDermott took the full fall and was hanged. I found it interesting that the story begins after she is already incarcerated as opposed to it starting when Grace first came to Canada.

Having the story start this way made me wonder if she had murdered Nancy and Mr. Kinnear at all. The story has Grace telling someone else what happened and that’s where we get our frame of reference. Shedoesn’t remember the murders at all! I just wanted a definitive answer. But there wasn’t one.

The reader has to make their own conclusions as to if she completed the murders or not. Idon’t think that she did personally, at least in the book. She seems like a proper lady who has very high morals. Her reactions also seem genuine.

Because she states that she doesn’t remember them it’s hard to place fault. Of course this could be because she doesn’twant to remember. I think this is why she was originally sent to an Asylum in Toronto before being cleared and sent to the prison.

The guards at this prison are gross, they constantly talk sexually to Grace and want her to do inappropriate actions with them. It grosses me right out. I’m glad that this would not be tolerated in today’s society. I’m sure it still happens occasionally though.

After the trial a group forms to try and petition to clear Grace’s name. They hire a doctor to come and interview her and try to find out if she did indeed complete the murders. Grace tells her story and it’s not really getting them anywhere. She doesn’t remember at all. One of the other members of the group offers to hypnotize her to try and get answers.

When Grace sees the hypnotizer she almost screams because she knows him! He was the peddler who sold her buttons and cloth to make dresses. Of course she can’t say that or he would be discredited. She decides to let him hypnotize her.

During the hypnotism Grace’s voice changes. It’s not grace at all. It’s a friend of hers who had died earlier in the story. She possessedGrace and helped McDermott with the murders. This part threw me for a loop. I’m not sure I like the possession angle that Margret Atwood took. I think it would have been better with split personality or something like that.

I won’t spoil anymore, Overall, I really likedthis book. I found it captivating and hard to put down. The possession scene, and what happens to the doctor are the only parts that I found dissatisfying. Margret Atwood is verydescriptive with her story telling and I was able to picture the scenes and characters in my head with ease. I’m excited to watch theNetflix series and complete a review!